Blue Rainbow Friends

Blue Rainbow Friends is the first colorful friend you will meet in the game. He appears from the first night, and throughout the rest of the game you will hear footsteps and evil laughter whenever you are near him. An image of this character with a human can be seen in the game, and many users believe that this is Blue first friend from Rainbow Friends. If this is your case, then today we will talk about it. Do not be bored!

Blue Rainbow Friends is a very tall monster with a yellow crown on its head. Every time you meet him on the road, you understand that he has one eye larger than the other. In particular, the right eye is slightly larger, while the left eye is a buttonhole. Similarly, you will notice that his back is bent.

When you start the game, and if you are an experienced player, you will notice that in part of the map there is a blue colored square and a person next to it. Many users assume that this person is Red, better known as his best friend Trenton.

Blue is the creator of the factory that used to be a park, and Trenton is his best friend. It was he who wanted to help his friend who was suffering from Alzheimer's and was very sick. One day, Blue passed out due to an illness, but despite the modifications, the illness never went away. At first he controlled himself, but after a while he began to go crazy. Actually, it is for this reason that he drools everywhere in the game.