Rainbow Friends

In the popular Rainbow Friends game, you play as an unnamed boy who was kidnapped during a school trip. They are then taken to an amusement park called Odd World. From the first moment you have to survive for five nights in this strange place.

To complete Rainbow Friends, you will have to survive all five nights and correctly complete all the missions that are presented to you. When one of the monsters fails, it makes a sound that alerts the Rainbow Friends. Surviving the first night is very important, as you will be able to familiarize yourself with the map without worrying too much about the monsters.

The first mission in Rainbow Friends that you must complete on the first night is to find the missing blocks. Therefore, you will have to look for them on the map. But watch the bathroom! Since there is a monster named Blue that appears at the slightest noise.

The best thing you can do to avoid the various Rainbow Friends monsters you find on the map is to hide in a crate so you won't be seen. Some of the monsters that users fear the most are Blue and Green.

Blue can appear at any time, while Green appears in the showers or at the entrance to the sublevel after the second night. It's worth noting that avoiding these monsters is not an easy task, you can hide from Blue in Secret Mode and feed Green to keep him entertained.